Top 3 Backpack

Before we continue, I know what you are thinking. Why I put the year 2016 in my blog title when I wrote this in November 2015? Simple, because most likely you would not find this site until early 2016 lol. I am a huge fan of traveling and huge fan of cool backpacks. I have tried many different kinds of backpacks on my back since the year 2000 (when I turned 15) and I can proudly say at this point I know exactly what to look for in a backpack.


This is where my judgment comes from. It’s not biased but I will admit it is a bit subjective. Without further disclaimer I would just get to the point directly. Here is my top 3 list for the year 2016 and maybe even 2017:


MaxPedition Double Strap Falcon-III Backpack


This specific backpack from Maxpedition is patent pending. The feel and the look is very cool. Despite it’s a bit expensive but I must say this is one of my favorites (if not the most favorite). Price (at the time I write this) is around $197 so that’s damn expensive to those who are in tight budget. Make no mistake though, this backpack is the best in the class. Made from 1050D waterproof nylon fabric, this backpack is obviously a beast. The zippers are also proven and to me it looks like they are the best in class.


What I like from its water and abrasion resistant feature is – they made it so tough that it’s not just simply resistant but actually it is super resistant (better than other waterproof packs). For example, its water resistant feature is triple polyurethane coated. That’s really cool. They also have what it’s called as teflon fabric protector for grime resistency. Pretty cool, eh? You can buy it straight from their website, maxpedition. I don’t know how much they sell it on Amazon


2. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Sling


This is the second concealed carry backpack that I like the most. I like this product because it has proved itself to be very tough for the price it gives. Available for less than $50 on Amazon, this backpack is truly amazing. I must say the best in the class. Of course if you compare it with MaxPedition Falcon III this backpack is inferior. That’s, however, is because this backpack is way cheaper. If you look at all backpacks available for $25-$100, this is absolutely the best option you can have. Made with 600D polyester, I think Red Rock Outdoor Gear Sling is a very good option to have.


3. Maxpedition Vulture-II 3 Day Backpack


Another absolute beast from Maxpedition. This is truly the best available gear for hauling a lot of different stuffs altogether into one backpack. Of course you can also conceal carry into the main compartment or side pocket if you want to. They have a lot of webbing (2 rows and 8 channels of PALS webbing) which can help you in tough nature situation. For the main material, they use the same material with Falcon-III (1000D Nylon). It is highly recommended. Obviously I recommend you to test-try it.


So the above list is my top 3 lists for 2016 and (possibly) 2017 best concealed carry backpacks. Actually if you want to learn more about different kinds of packs, you can just go to, they have a lot of amazing stories on this kind of niche. I would put “backpack” as my search term on my flipboard account if I were you, lol.


Anyway, that’s it. I will talk much more about this on my blog posts. Enjoy the site and my review!